Paint the Town Red at La Tomatina Festival

El miércoles 28 de agosto llega La Tomatina, una cita que este año se hace todavía más internacional al celebrarse (también) en Nueva York. Mercado Little Spain, promovido por José Andrés, Ferran Adrià y Albert Adrià sigue acertando en  su intento de ser una ventana abierta a nuestra gastronomía y al resto de nuestra cultura. ¡Que comience la batalla!

La Tomatina, the festival in the Valencian town of Buñol during which fat, overripe tomatoes are lobbed like tens of thousands of juicy grenades, is probably the most famous food fight in the world. Every year, the town population swells from 9,000 residents to over 50,000 human cannons intent on painting the town – and each other – red. While it’s not exactly feasible to export the fracas from Buñol to Manhattan, we are able to bring the ripest, sweetest tomatoes from local farms as we hit the heart of tomato season.

For two weeks, special dishes are available all around Mercado Little Spain to celebrate the iconic Tomatina Festival, including tomato with uni at Mar, grilled tomatoes rubbed with beef fat at Leña, and Lancaster tomatoes served with Spain’s famous Valdeón blue cheese at Spanish Diner.

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