Roscón de Reyes: con cava y en Nueva York

Siempre es una alegría saber que alguien disfrutará de un roscón de Reyes en Nueva York y que lo acompañará con cava si sigue los consejos de Mercado Little Spain. Un establecimiento que se esfuerza cada día por difundir la cultura y la gastronomía española en la ciudad de los rascacielos. Saber que seguiremos teniendo allí al menos una luz que ilumine nuestros logros culinarios es motivo de satisfacción. 

Nada mejor para celebrarlo que compartiendo, como quienes se acerquen hasta allí, un buen roscón. Con o sin relleno, con cava o con pedro ximénez, con moscatel, málaga, dorado o fondillón. Será por vinos, por rellenos y por roscones…

Celebrate Three Kings Day with Mercado Little Spain 

While the new year is off and running, one of our favorite Spanish holidays is just around the corner: El Día de los Reyes Magos, or Epiphany, on January 6th. To celebrate, we’ll be offering Roscón de Reyes (king’s cake) available for pre-order and pick-up January 5 and 6. We’ll also have cake available by the slice on January 6th at Spanish Diner PLUS a visit from the Reyes Magos from 4-7 PM. Reservations are still available.

This brioche-like cake is rich in flavor yet light in texture, shaped into a ring to represent the Three Kings’ crowns and decorated with dried fruit, almonds, and sugar to symbolize the jewels. Enjoyed with or without cream, it is also customary to hide a bean and a small ceramic king figure in the cake. As the tradition goes, if you find the bean you have to buy the cake next year, but whoever finds the king is proclaimed king for the day and will have good luck for the whole year. 

What pairs perfectly with cake? Cava of course! Don’t forget to pick-up a bottle of cava or one of our Cava Trios when you get your roscón for the ultimate indulgence.

Día de Reyes, or Three Kings Day, is inspired by the story of the Three Wise Men – Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar. In Spain, this holiday is celebrated with even more excitement (at least by children) than Christmas, as it’s the day when kids receive gifts. 

The night of the 5th, children leave out their shoes for the kings to leave presents. They also leave polvorones, turrones and drinks for the kings and water for their camels. If the children have been good, they will find gifts in their shoes, but if they’ve been bad they’ll find charcoal.

The morning of the 6th is festive throughout the country – the tradition is to open presents and have the famous roscón de reyes for breakfast (and again in the afternoon)!