The wild, wonderful world of sherry

Del 4 al 10 de noviembre se celebrará en más de 30 países la VI edición de la Sherry Week. Miles de establecimientos, empresas y asociaciones  acogerán todo tipo de actividades en torno a los vinos de esa denominación de origen. Entre los participantes -en esta ocasión de la mano de Bodegas LustauMercado Little Spain, de José Andrés y los hermanos Adrià. Un proyecto que desde  el número 10 de Hudson Yards, Nueva York, lleva ya medio año dando a conocer nuestros vinos y nuestra cocina como nadie antes lo había hecho. 

Happenings: International Sherry Week

This November, Mercado Little Spain will be marking a momentous occasion … its first International Sherry Week! This festival de jerez celebrates all things sherry, from the vineyards to the barrels to your glass. Taste the difference between the types (what’s the difference between ‘biological’ and ‘oxidative’ sherries, ¿eh?), try our chefs’ favorite pairings, taste el vinagre de jerez, y mucho más.

Lustau Sherry class

In celebration of Sherry Week, we will be partnering with our friends at Lustau for a tasting and instructional course on the aging of sherries. During the tasting, will be diving into wine analytics and how time and microclimates influence the character and personality of Sherries. We will be talking about microclimates in each of the 3 towns of the Sherry Triangle, nanoclimates at the bodega, how sherry casks affect to the wines. 

The House of Lustau Time & Places

The Sherry Area is a very small place. However, despite of its dimensions, there are dozens of factors that make it unique and very diverse. Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, strong winds, sunlight and a very mild Mediterranean weather, the wines produced there are as varied as the region. The three towns of the Sherry Triangle: Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda are the perfect instance of this. Three towns very close to each other but with totally different microclimates that allow Lustau to age three different wines protected by the veil of “Flor”. A Fino from Jerez, a Fino from El Puerto and a Manzanilla from Sanlúcar. Wines aged in the same way but bearing their towns personalities. This diversity is featured in our 3 en Rama Range: 3 wines representing a town from the Triangle. All of them En Rama styles, in order to allow them to reveal their full individuality. 

Apart from the microclimates found in the area, we can find complexity and character in all of our wines, thanks to the time the wines are aged through the Solera System. The Solera and Criadera System is the fractional blending system that let us to enjoy amazing wines, with a constant quality and personality. Tasting the criadera and the Solera of one of our flagships, Oloroso Emperatriz Eugenia, a wine that is almost 18 years old of average age, will bring a perfect picture of how this unique and old system transforms the wines step by step, discovering the very beginning and the very end of the same wine.